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Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Fainting At 9/11 Ceremony (Full Video)

 This is deeply concerning, I do not like the woman and her cash for comment lifestyle however I would never wish her harm or ill health which is clearly what is going on here. 

What I find deeply worrying is that her minders have been instructed to create a wall to prevent anyone from seeing Hillary's medical episodes. This blows my mind that rather than rush to her aid and being concerned for her safety, they create a wall. 

Dr Drew and many others are owed their jobs back and an apology for this shocking cover up and mainstream media is part of this subterfuge. The spin starts with fainting due to heat, now we get the story of pneumonia before that the coughing fits were explained away as pollen issues. If this is not Parkinson's or a major neurological disorder that has been doing the rounds online then I will eat my hat.....


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